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Decorate Your Home With Art Collectible Objects

Posted on February 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Many people like collecting as their hobby for fun, and one of the most interesting things to collect are art collectibles. These art collectible things can vary such as saw blades, wooden eggs, or anything that is painted with artwork. Moreover, people also collect other things like designer rugs, fine art paintings, limited edition plates, thimbles, and many more.

Collecting art objects is usually considered as an expensive hobby by most people, because only rich people can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to buy an original Van Gogh. However, art objects do not always have to be expensive, such as collecting post cards for example. You can get high quality glossy postcards printed with some of their more notable acquisitions at most art museum gift shops.

People who like collecting arts usually also have their favorite artists whose works they appreciate. Some choose to focus on one particular artist, whereas some other collect things from some artists’ works. Some people also like to collect arts based on a theme they enjoy such as piano music, nature, classic, etc.

Another good thing about art collections is that you can find them in every part of world. But even if you do not travel much around the world, whatever your art collections are, you can always find and add more of your collections on eBay. eBay has been known as the best place for online auctions. Not only you can buy collectible things there, but also you can sell your things if you want to.

Collecting art objects is very fun, it makes your life more interesting and also makes your home more beautiful by decorating it with art masterpieces.

3 Tips To Select The Best Online Arts Degree Program

Posted on February 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

As much of the job market are open for you once your have gained your arts degree, you will have a good career move with your arts degree. Online degree programs have become so popular and gained most acceptances in the job market, you can choose to earn your arts degree online at your own pace from your comfort home instead of on hold your current lifestyle to go back to campus for the same purpose. It’s important to enroll into the best online arts degree program so that your arts degree will helps the most in your career move. Here are the 3 tips to help you select your best online arts degree program.

Tip #1: The Best Online Arts Degree Program is Inline with Your Career Goal

The range of arts subjects is very wide and can be confusing because similar names are used to describe course which are very different from one another. Even the same art degree programs offered by different online universities can cover different courses. Before go and search for your online arts degree program, you must first understand what is your purpose of getting an arts degree? And, how it fits into your career goal?

You may want to earn your credential in Fine Art, so choosing an arts degree with concentration in English speaking is not fit into your purpose. Or you are looking to improve your knowledge on interior degree that emphasis on three-dimensional design, the arts degree program that contains courses focus on interior degree emphasis in furniture or ceramics may not be your call. Hence, you should get the detail information of your short listed online arts degree programs offered by your preference online universities and carefully review each and every course offered in the programs. Your best online arts degree program should contain courses that inline with your career goal.

Tip #2: The Arts Degree Should Be Accepted In Job Market

Unless your purpose of earning an arts degree is just for in-depth your knowledge in your arts hobbies, then you definitely want to earn an arts degree that is recognized in the job market. Many employers measure your degree based on accreditation of your degree program and reputation of the university that offered the degree. Hence, you should get your arts degree from a reputable online university which is accredited by an accreditation agency that is recognized by US Department of Education. Don’t let your arts degree have a chance to be question by the employers when you use it for career advancement or job promotion.

Tip #3: Have Good Reference Resources & Support to Their Online Students

You can’t complete your arts degree program by just studying the online course materials; you need to submit course work and doing assignment. It normally requires you to look for other sources of information to complete your course work or assignment. If you are a working individual, you may not have time to go to physical library to search for the required information. The best source of information is online. So, make sure the arts degree program that you are going to enroll, will providing you with the necessary online sources for related references or the university has online library that allows you to access online and download the required information.

Along the process of your online arts study, you may face a lot of problems that require guidance from the university. Many online degree programs do provide mentor to their students to guide them until their degree completion. Is your arts degree program of your choice provides this service? Other than that, what are the supports do the university provide to their online students? A good support is importance to ensure you complete your arts degree program smoothly.

In Summary

The best arts degree program may not be the top program in the market, but it is a degree program that can meet all your needs, inline with your career goal and get widely accepted in the job market of your career field.

Art Deco Pink Flamingos – The Comeback Kid Of Collectibles

Posted on February 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

The incredible collectible pink flamingo is one of those type things that are either totally loved or completely ignored. Depends on human taste and objectivity. As many consider it art as others consider it junk.

The evolution of this as a decorative object dates back to the 1940’s a company called Union Products in a small Ma. Town called Leminster. They produced bit plastic animals for the front yard, but had not yet thought of the pink flamingo. Even those animals were, indeed, so tacky, they were huge sellers. A good analogy was like having the ugliest dog, so ugly it’s cute. People had to have them. They were all two dimensional like a cut-out board reindeer Christmas decoration is.

About a decade later, a serious art student who worked at Union named Don Featherstone was Although Don was a serious sculptor and classical art student, his first project was to redesign their popular duck and this time make it 3-dimensional The company figured it would be a bigger seller. The company was wrong and the 3d duck ended up in the local park. He had used a live duck as a model but still no real success.

He then figured people wanted color and something exotic. They came to mind but he could not find a live one for a model so he turned to National Geographic. Smart move. They had plenty of photos. Using clay, he built his prototype. then used to make a plaster cast. The plaster cast, in turn, was used to form the molds for the plastic. The original design called for detailed wooden legs, but they proved to be too costly and were replaced by the metal ones still seen today. While the exact date was never recorded, the first pink flamingo was created several years before 1960.

The late 1950’s just happened to be perfect timing for the flamingo. The American population was moving out of the city and behind white picket fence lawns, a perfect resting place for the big pink bird.

The late 1950’s fashion trends were bright, bold colors. Grays and blacks had been here forever and people were ready for a change. The plastic industry was thriving and now allowed for hot colors like bright green, vivid ruby, and, of course, hot flamingo pink. Pink refrigerators, washing machines, and of course who didn’t want a pink Caddie?

The love of the pink flamingo was short-lived due to timing. The 1960’s was a time of rebellion, especially against anything man-made, and the plastic flamingo was certainly not heaven-sent (though many serious collectors still consider it so). All the major department stores, (Sears being the biggest back then as this was way pre-Walmart) removed the items from lack of sales. Collectors went underground to flea markets and niche gift shops as they still do.

Many collectors are still very serious about them and go so far as to travel with them.
We all know that what is art to one person is garbage to the next. Bans have been placed on pink flamingos all over the country. As a result, Union Plastics was forced to introduce a blue flamingo to work inside the laws of city ordinances. But for every action to a reaction there is another action, eh? These towns then changed the laws to ban all plastic flamingos. Many refused to obey the ordinances and the laws have rarely been enforced in most of the communities.

Until this day, pink flamingo items are still some of the most sought after in the country, and the Internet is where the majority of the shopping is done, saving collectors large amounts of money from having to travel to find their beloved bird. Now they are available on everything from coffee mugs to boxer shorts to beer steins to clocks, all valuable and desirable collectibles (for those who love them that is).