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5 Easy Tips on How to Start in Art or Become an Artist

Posted on March 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

Here are some basic things you need to know about trying to start out as an artist as a hobby or in the art industry. I am just like you, trying to find new hobbies and interests. One of my hobbies are drawing and Art. Here are 5 basic tips on how to start your own art hobby:

Tip 1: Get the Basic Supplies to Start Out! – When wanting to start out, you need all the supplies you need! Get the essentials like a sketchbook, pencils, erasers, paint, markers and etc. Whatever you think you need to use for YOUR area of art. I started with a GIGANTIC sketchbook, erasers, markers, crayons and colored pencils.

Tip 2: Take Some Art Classes or get Drawing books – This is the only way to get better. If you want to like draw specific things, there are a bunch of different books on how to draw like horses, cars, cartoon characters and anything else you can imagine! Or if your not that type of person to teach yourself (Like me), take an art class. I started taking art classes since 6th grade and I loved the fact I got to imagine things and put it on paper! Most art classes have a broad perspective on art. But, each step in these things take time and effort. Try not to rush.

Tip 3: Pick up That Pencil and PRACTICE! – After learning all the things you need to know about drawing from the how-to-draw books or art classes, next step is trying it out see what you learned. Practice makes perfect.

Tip 4: Keep Going – If you like it up to this point, maybe keep going! You have to keep pushing for what you want! Take it further and maybe it could become a career for you! This class would probably help get you better at your drawing and make it become realistic. I’m going to keep taking Art in high school because it interests me and its something I enjoy.

Tip 5: Have fun with it and Enjoy – You can’t always be serious with your interest! You can also live with playing around with art. Be creative. Your art is what you make it to be! I strive everyday trying to find something new in my interest in art and so can you!

Hope this helps you to make your choice of whether to be in art or not!