A Vacation for Plain Nails – Nail Art!

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Did you ever feel as if something is missing when your fingernails are plain? Are you bored of the solid colours on your nails or the messy nail paints?

Here’s a well-deserved vacation for your nails – nail art!

The designs you often see today could be an intricate embellished art or a cool graphic pattern nail. Your outfit is not complete unless you have some nail designs to match.

Nail art is also one of those hobbies, which has become exceptionally popular.

As if you needed any persuading, here are a few reasons why you need to learn nail paint art!

1) A creative escape – People often say they do not have a hobby. They often say they don’t have enough chances to explore their creativity. That’s when nail paints and designs comes to your rescue. You can always express your individuality by adding intricate designs to your polished nails.

2) When you need alone time – This may not be relevant to everyone. But, most of the people appreciate some alone time. What better way to spend your alone time than trying a few designs on your nails? At the end of your nail art project, you have proof that you spent enough time with yourself.

3) Designing your nails keeps you young – Latest research shows that when we stimulate our creativity, it helps in building new brain cells, which would otherwise deteriorate with age. A famous author, Frank Herbert rightly said, “Creativity keeps the creator alive”. So, paint your nails and it will keep you young, hale & hearty. We have also observed while you are doing a nail art, you discover different patterns and ideas to colour your nails. So, keep painting your nails and keep discovering!

4) Learn a difficult nail design pattern – Sometimes, there are nail colouring techniques which are tricky and seem difficult. Try it once or twice till you perfect the design. The feeling when you make an improvement on your previous design is heart warming and very encouraging. A personal achievement indeed!

5) Receiving compliments – We all love receiving compliments, don’t we? It definitely boosts our self-confidence. One of the best parts about nail art – People take notice of your nails. They compliment the colours, designs or the techniques. There will be so many things people will notice and fill you with affirmation to the brim.

6) Instant Mood uplifter – Whenever you’re feeling low, try nail paint art. It lightens your mood instantly. Playing with colours, patterns and techniques on your nails will turn your bad mood into a good mood. Whenever you look at your nails, they will make you feel happy from inside.

7) It gets you excited for the next project – Imagine this – You’re sitting in the garden & gazing into the sky and your mind starts to wander. Suddenly, a vague thought sprouts in your head and you’ll realize you are forming the beginning of a nail design. A light will switch on in your head and the idea will grow and develop. This will instantly get you buzzing with excitement and you immediately head home to give it a try.

8) It is suitable for every occasion – Whether it’s your friend’s birthday party or a wedding, Nail art is appropriate for every occasion. You can personalize your nails depending on your creativity and imagination. The fun in doing nail colour art is that you can enhance your skills in art while enjoying.

You can drive away monotony using the creativity and excitement you gained and apply it in other areas of your life to determine matters in unlike ways.

Nail paints and designing gives you a chance to have a more visionary approach to your work, enabling you to think more. It also inspires you to think more outside the box.

In the end, nail artistry is also a therapeutic process, giving you immense confidence at the end of each session.

5 Easy Tips on How to Start in Art or Become an Artist

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Here are some basic things you need to know about trying to start out as an artist as a hobby or in the art industry. I am just like you, trying to find new hobbies and interests. One of my hobbies are drawing and Art. Here are 5 basic tips on how to start your own art hobby:

Tip 1: Get the Basic Supplies to Start Out! – When wanting to start out, you need all the supplies you need! Get the essentials like a sketchbook, pencils, erasers, paint, markers and etc. Whatever you think you need to use for YOUR area of art. I started with a GIGANTIC sketchbook, erasers, markers, crayons and colored pencils.

Tip 2: Take Some Art Classes or get Drawing books – This is the only way to get better. If you want to like draw specific things, there are a bunch of different books on how to draw like horses, cars, cartoon characters and anything else you can imagine! Or if your not that type of person to teach yourself (Like me), take an art class. I started taking art classes since 6th grade and I loved the fact I got to imagine things and put it on paper! Most art classes have a broad perspective on art. But, each step in these things take time and effort. Try not to rush.

Tip 3: Pick up That Pencil and PRACTICE! – After learning all the things you need to know about drawing from the how-to-draw books or art classes, next step is trying it out see what you learned. Practice makes perfect.

Tip 4: Keep Going – If you like it up to this point, maybe keep going! You have to keep pushing for what you want! Take it further and maybe it could become a career for you! This class would probably help get you better at your drawing and make it become realistic. I’m going to keep taking Art in high school because it interests me and its something I enjoy.

Tip 5: Have fun with it and Enjoy – You can’t always be serious with your interest! You can also live with playing around with art. Be creative. Your art is what you make it to be! I strive everyday trying to find something new in my interest in art and so can you!

Hope this helps you to make your choice of whether to be in art or not!


Martial Arts As a Hobby

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Are you considering taking up a hobby but struggling to think of something that really sparks an interest? How about considering the martial arts? Possibly Wing Chun and Jeet Kun Do make a great hobby and can provide you with a number of health benefits as well as quickly become a positive life influence.

Many people think of the arts as something they have to take very seriously with absolute commitment and dedication forcing other aspect of your life or additional hobbies and interests into the sideline. Whilst its true that to become a good martial artist you must commit your time and energy and have plenty of patience and perseverance, it is possible to treat martial arts as a fun pastime and effective way to get fit. This is true for the large majority of people who become involved in some form of the arts. Very few individuals actually expect to use their skills in a real street fight situation but it is nice to know that you have the ability and tools accessible to defend yourself should you ever be required to.

More and more people, especially women are beginning to recognise the benefits that practising the martial arts can provide. As a form of exercise it is non-repetitive and always interesting, which is a sure advantage over the monotony of the gym and other forms of exercise. Martial arts such as Wing Chun, which is the world most popular form of Southern Kung Fu, will promote stamina, strength and flexibility. It is a great way to improve your body and general fitness. Attending a class of student, with whom you will quickly become familiar and comfortable is also a great way to meet new people so as the same time as getting a great work out, there is also an element of socialising.

Even those who started out doing this purely for fun will often find that the challenge of continuous self-improvement to be exciting and stimulating. The arts provide a life-long challenge, as there is always room for improvement. As well as pushing you physically, many find that they are mentally stimulated at the same time. Through the practise your mind is trained to focus on a task and to ignore irrelevant distractions. This is another great benefit of taking up the martial arts as a hobby as the positive effects will be experienced across a variety of aspects of your life.

As you can see there are a great number of reasons that this art can make the perfect hobby. If you have a little extra time each week that you want to spend using to enhance different areas of your life, then the martial arts are well worth considering.